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by | Feb 9, 2022 | Gear, Projects, Travel

We were hired by Explore Butte County, a tourism entity in Butte County, to capture stunning visuals of the many sightseeing locations around the county. The goal was to encourage tourists to pick Butte County as their next travel destination. With there being so much to experience, there was a lot of media to capture. We got still photos and motion video, both on the ground and in the air with the use of a drone. 

Drones have allowed us to shoot media 400 feet high at 4K quality, giving us a unique perspective that originally wouldn’t be possible without a helicopter or plane.

We’ve done work with Explore Butte County, which is the tourism entity here in Butte County. We have plenty of recreational opportunities [here in Butte]. And so this has been a wonderful client that we’ve worked with that has really sent me all over the county to capture media. I was born and raised in Butte County and I have seen more of Butte County on assignment with Explore Butte County than I had previously seen growing up. We’ve been to Table Mountain in Oroville. We’ve been to the Forebay in Oroville. We’ve been all over Chico, into the almond orchards and the walnut orchards. We’ve been all the way up to Butte Meadows and into the foothills. Butte County’s really interesting because I think the top of the foothills here on the east side is around 7,240 feet. And we go all the way down to where the Sacramento River is on the western side.


And so you have this range and we’ve got different parts of the county. So really it can be snowing and then there’s agricultural land. So foothills and the fertile Sacramento Valley. So we’ve been all over the county with Explore Butte County and the media that we capture, I hope encourages people to come to Northern California, specifically Butte, for sightseeing opportunities for travel, for tourism, and then to patronize local restaurants and businesses that are here. There’s a lot to see in Butte County and there’s a lot to experience. The range of our work with Explore Butte County has been still imagery, which is either on the ground or in the air with the drone and then motion video capture. Sometimes we capture in slow motion. Sometimes we capture in real time. The perspective from the air has been one of my most favorite things about working with Explore Butte County, which is the drone, flying a drone up in the air.


And we got a couple of drones and I went through the Part 107 FAA certifications so that I can fly on behalf of clients and for commercial purposes. The perspective at 400 feet is a perspective that was previously only able to be captured via hiring a private helicopter or a prop plane and a private plane. And so to be able to fly the drone in the correct air spaces and capture the content that we need from the air has been really fun. We can capture 4K imagery from the air and that drone goes like 35 or 40 miles an hour. And so we can really capture what we need to through aerial imagery. That’s been one of my favorite parts about the engagement with Explore Butte County is the use of drone footage and imagery.

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