FACTORFIVE Photography

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Projects

Looking to boost your eCommerce brand’s visual appeal and drive more sales? Lifestyle photography might be the answer. Here’s a look at our process for the production of photography assets for an eCommerce skincare brand. Our goal was to elevate their scientific process & formulation of their products.

One of the projects that we’ve worked on recently with one of our clients, FACTORFIVE, is a photography for their product. It’s almost lifestyle
photography for the formulation process of their product in their lab and in their plant facility. So here’s one of the shots where we were hoping to get the product in focus with scientist holding the product blurred out in the background location dependent. Sometimes we use ambient light. Sometimes we bring in our own lighting generally it’s a combination of the two.This shot here was simply diffused light from the sun through a shade onto the product whereas this shot here is artificially lit as combination of ambient light and artificial diffused light with product photography. It’s all about being flexible and being able to adapt to the location that we’re shooting in. 

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